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private jet charter

charter or jet share

Several thousand licensed air charter operators are registered throughout the world, operating aircraft as diverse as six-seat piston-twins, larger turbo-propeller business aircraft, helicopters, business jets through up to VIP-configured airliners.

private jet management


For the regular user, full ownership may be far more economic than either charter or a fractional share. Benefits are constant availability and relative economy. Critically, operating standards and security are also brought totally within the control of the owner.

maintenance management

Aircraft are required to undergo regular scheduled inspections and servicing in accordance with an approved maintenance programme determined for the precise type and model established by the manufacturer and accepted by the NAA responsible. Major components, including, for example, engine and engine accessories, the auxiliary power unit (APU), and other major and minor parts each have defined overhaul hard lives with flight hour, flight cycle and/or calendar limits which are routinely computer-tracked. 

"In all cases, safety and effective risk management is to be at the forefront of a flight operation!"

ATP Captain Nicholas HF Henze, CEO

aircraft aquisition

purchase, sale or refurbishment of your aircraft


A straight-forward Sale & Purchase Agreement under an acceptable jurisdiction is used to effect the purchase.


We have established numerous global marketing campaigns and sold aircraft across all continents, from initial qualifying of prospects through to aircraft cosmetic, technical and records presentation, routinely assisting new buyers with turn-key capability including introducing finance and insurance arrangements. 


While the manufacturers build the basic aircraft, designers bring their flair to the aesthetics, and the completion centres build to their minimum cost, rarely is the buyer adequately protected from compromises in performance and functionality, and, in particular, timing and cost over-runs. Even an experienced management company or flight department will rarely if ever have the genuine skill set to represent the buyer fully and precisely throughout the process. 


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