Jet Management and Maintenance Management

Professional aircraft management organisations such as JETS2MOVE.COM take responsibility for the legal, safe, competent and cost-effective operation of private aircraft and are experts in the intricacies of global aircraft operations, in particular maintenance, crewing, flight planning, dispatch and flight watch.

A loyal team of professionally trained employees and highly qualified subcontractors are committed to providing clients with a reliable, on time aircraft management and where applicable charter service of the highest possible standards, portraying an absolute quality and safety ethos.

Required maintenance is planned in advance so as not to impede owner’s use and conducted by a carefully selected maintenance organisation, supervised and verified by the management organisation to have been properly undertaken and within a controlled budget.  The aircraft will be kept airworthy and clean, stocked and ready for flight at all times, while also kept fully secure.

JETS2MOVE.COM has over 15 years of experience of operating heavy private jets. We employ pilots with over 10.000 hours on heavy jets to operate your jet safely and efficent throughout the world.